This constitutes a list of projects which have been raised by the residents to date. These all needed everyone’s support and funding to make them happen.



Project 1: Create a green chain walk map to promote the natural heritage of the neighbourhood

Aim’s and objective of this project are as follows:

Celebrating the Natural Heritage of Brockley – Brockley Three Peaks Walking Map

The area in and around Ladywell, Crofton Park and Honor Oak contains lively urban streets and substantial pockets of attractive green space, but these can feel disconnected, and some are not as well used as they could be. Some of the green spaces feels ‘hidden’. Additionally because of their hilly nature, it makes them feel inaccessible to some members of the community. Nevertheless, these expanses of open spaces are one of the neighbourhood’s pull factor and make great natural heritage assets for the area. People’s comments in local neighbourhood planning events have focused on their local as well as strategic importance as well as the need to improve their quality and accessibility. A group of local residents from Brockley, Crofton Park and Ladywell areas have come together to promote this magnificent natural heritage as a strategic neighbourhood green chain walk, but equally to promote the area as a whole as an outer London destination, bringing in visitors to boost the local economy of the different high streets, which each offer unique qualities and amenities.


At a Crofton Park neighbourhood vision workshop early in 2015, one key aim for the neighbourhood plan came out quite strongly: “to enhance the natural heritage of the neighbourhood by improving the green infrastructure and public open spaces as key destination points thus helping to strengthen social and economic linkages as well as the health and wellbeing of the community”


To meet this objective, set out by the local community, a group of local residents in the Crofton Park and Ladywell area (The Brockley Wanderers) are developing a circular ‘Brockley 3 Peaks’ walking trail as a way of starting to make this happen. Reference to Brockley is to rightly encompass the greater Brockley area and historic origins of the neighbourhood name. The project will entail mapping out the route, documenting the route’s history and creating a map for distribution in order to promote the green chain walk that will take residents and visitors up to the areas magnificent three peaks – Hilly Fields, One Tree Hill and Blythe Hill. The map will include a guide to specific points of historic and natural interest and links to local shopping areas.

Whilst the primary objective is to promote the remarkable hilly parks of the wider neighbourhood, the production of a walking map will contribute to additional benefits, including:


  1. Promote the neighbourhood’s natural heritage by designing and promoting the 3 peaks of Brockley walking challenge
  2. Foster a stronger community identity within the ‘green ring’
  3. Encourage greater discovery, appreciation and use of neglected parts of the local area, and highlight significant local history and culture.
  4. Get people walking and discovering their neighbourhood, thus promoting health and wellbeing in the area as well as heritage value
  5. Promote the local shopping promenades along the way, thus showing visitors what’s on offer, helping to promote the local economy and boost local access to local businesses
  6. Strengthen connections between green space and urban and retails space, encouraging greater use of both.
  7. Promote the area as an out of London visitor attraction, thus brining in spending visitors to help boost the local economy.


Project 2: To create a pocket park amenity space to improve the provision of community gardening, outdoor learning and biodiversity

see proposed Design Brief which details the aims and objectives of this project. In summary:

The Crofton Park Railway Gardeners recently signed a new partnership agreement with GTR railway company for the use of the space along side Crofton Park raiway.


This marks a renewed energy to see the garden improve; over the years it has had several attempts to improve it, and it has indeed been changed from a flytipping site to a community garden. However, this agreement now secures the space for the future, and the community gardeners are now motivated to spend more time and money to improving the space for the wider community to enjoy.


The gardeners have come together and plan what they like to see happen there, details of which are outlined in their vision document – see attachment


The vision: To create an exemplar multi-purpose outdoor public space to be enjoyed by everyone in the neighbourhood. It shall provide opportunities for outdoor recreation and learning, social meeting space, food growing and biodiversity to thrive.


The project will deliver a better pocket park and community garden. It aims to achieve the following


  1. Emphasise importance of, and promote health and wellbeing in the community. It will aim to:
    1. create a sensory garden to provide a truly multisensory and healing experience filled with colour, textures and scents.
    2. Provide an outdoor ‘tranquil’ space acting as a refuge from the traffic noise of Brockley Road. This will be in line with Lewisham’s DM Policy 26 (ref. 20203, Pg 78)[i] which seeks ‘to protect and enhance tranquil havens for the benefit of the local community and biodiversity’.
    3. Promote healthy eating through cultivating fresh, organic fruit and vegetables. This is also in line with Lewisham’s Open Space Strategy[ii]


  1. Promote outdoor natural learning. It will aim to:
    1. Provide a space for local schools to use for outdoor classroom events, to learn about local nature, food varieties, cultivation, natural habitats, biodiversity through events and hands-on activities.
    2. Have as many varieties of herbs and plants with info on their origin, medicinal uses, etc, as a way of improving knowledge of their health benefits.


  1. Provide an outdoor community social space. It will aim to:
    1. Provide seating space throughout the site for the different views of the garden to be enjoyed
    2. Provide an accessible ‘parklet’ that is more accessible to those who find it harder to reach the peaks of Blyth Hill Fields.

Look at bringing the building along side the garden back into use and incorporated into the garden design scheme.

[i] Development Management Local plan. Adoopted 26 November 2014. London Borough of Lewisham. Accessed at:

[ii] Lewisham Open Space Strategy 2012 – 2017. Accessed at


Project 3: To create the Brockley Green Pocket Park opposite St Hilda’s Church

This project has not started yet – TBC