Nov 26th Consultation at Rivoli

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November 26 2016

Consultation on Draft Neighbourhood Plan

The Rivoli Ballroom kindly hosted our first consultation event on the draft neighbourhood plan on Saturday November 26th 2016. Launched on October 15th 2016, the draft plan is the outcome of a year's work. Following on from previous engagement events, the plan has captured all the views and wishes from local residents. We are now consulting till the end of January 2017 to check that we have it right, before finalising the plan and formally submitting it to Lewisham Council for the statutory consultation that is to follow.

The idea for creating a plan for the designated neighbourhood area came about at one of the ward assembly meetings, in response to concerns about some of the planning decisions that were being made in the area, notably the development proposals on Brockley Road (opposite the Brockley Jack Pub). The plan is meant to be proactive, rather than reactive to 'bad development'. Its adoption will ensure that future development or redevelopment considers the unique characteristics of our neighbourhood and addresses the issues that local residents deem important.

While our area does not seem to be under threat of large scale change, the cumulative pockets of change that happen, often un-notified, can have a big impact and can completely ruin the beautiful, friendly nature of the area; this is what the plan is trying to avoid.

Our plan puts a local neighbourhood emphasis on some of the Lewisham Local Plan policies as well as puts forward planning policies that are specific to the area, such as air pollution and surface water flood risk. The plan also defines a number of 'site allocations', that is, sites identified for housing as well as for employment uses. It covers a range of policy areas including:

  • Protection of natural open space
  • Protection and enhancement of community buildings and facilities
  • Preservation of the built character of the neighbourhood

It also sets out requirements that new development should contribute to, including the revival of the southern end of the neighbourhood, improving opportunities for walking and cycling, protecting the independent nature of our local shopping parades and protecting and enhancing our existing natural and built heritage assets.


The plan affects everyone who lives and works in the area and so it is important that everyone contributes their feedback. All future planning applications, whether from a large-scale developer or from a resident, will be assessed against this plan and so it is paramount that we get it right. If you love your neighbourhood, please complete the feedback survey. The consultation will run for one more month till January 31st 2017. All completed survey responses will be entered into a prize draw, so worth the effort!
Here's how you can comment:
  • Download the survey form, scan and return by email (hopcroftforum at
  • Complete online survey:
  • Join the final consultation event on the 14th of January 2017 at Ewart Road Club House (behind Dalmain School). We will be there from 11am-3.30pm. This will give you the opportunity to speak with our lead planner and to find out more about the Neighbourhood Plan overall. We will begin with a presentation about the plan at 11am by our consultant planner or drop in any time till 3.30pm. 


The outcomes from both consultations will be published in mid-February 2017.