6 Ways to Participate!

We want the whole community to have their say. Anyone can be involved at any stage, formally by becoming a Forum Member, or simply by taking part in the forthcoming events. So whether you have ideas about how the neighbourhood should improve, or whether you want to tell us how we can better engage with you or simply have a question, get in touch any time.

Attend one of the Events or Workshops

Better ideas come about when different views come together! Please visit our Events page to find out about forthcoming events. These will be opportunities for you to have your say and contribute to how the Neighbourhood Plan develops.

Add an Idea on the Map

Contribute your views, observations and ideas about what you would like to see improved in the area by pinning these the ‘Ideas Map’. We have a map up in Crofton Park Library as well as an Online Map on our Stickyworld Portal.

Contribute to our Stickyworld Discussion Forum

We’ve teamed up with Stickyworld, a powerful online┬ácontextual commenting portal, and set about capturing the views and observations of participants using geolocated tweets. Participants share an exact point of view on any location by tweeting a photo and a comment. These are then uploaded to a dedicated HopCroft Online Discussion Forum. Please visit the portal and contribute to the discussion. Tell us whether you agree or disagree with the suggestions already on the portal. We want to capture ideas from everyone in the community and provoke a positive discussion about the issues, as well as the things we love about the area. Your can organise your own walk and tweet us your views. Visit our Twitter Walk News Page to find out how.

Fill Out Our Surveys

Look out for forthcoming surveys. You can link to these via our Surveys page.


Become a Forum Member

Fill out the membership form to become a member of the neighbourhood forum. Join us make the plan a reality. If you have any a bit of spare time (even its its just an hour every now and then), ideas, local skills and experience that could be helpful please get in touch. We are always looking for local enthusiasts to help with social media, community event planning, architecture, planning, urban design, report writing, web editing, administration etc.

Follow us on Twitter

Follow our twitter feed to be informed of updates, key events and to communicate with the local community.