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SO… I’ve just been informed the great news that we are finally going to see the opening of another NEW business in ‘Midtown Brockley’ This has long been awaited and I’ve personally known about it for nearly 2 years but not been able to reveal it as there have been unforeseen delays. However they are now only weeks away from opening the doors & I think people will be very excited with the result!

The amazing ‘Turners’ hardware store finally shut down in May 2017 much to the dismay of many in the local area as it was one of those unique shops that sold everything-from an obscure light bulb to sink plunger to garden secateurs. When I discovered that a lovely local family had taken on the ownership to create a café (with a difference) my disappointment with the loss of this shop was significantly reduced!

The ‘Barbaros’ family have lots of connections in the local area with the mother ‘Rahme’,owning ‘Barbaros Hair Salon’ on Honor Oak which celebrated 30 years on the block in January with the very popular unisex hairdressers. Meanwhile Mehmet, the father, has been driving round south east London in his ice cream van for years pleasing children and adults alike. I go back 25 years with this delightful family as my daughter Alex and their daughter Tutku started school together at Stillness and then my son Joe and their son Bekir started in the infants 7 years later.

It is 22 year old Bekir who is the main person behind the new business ‘SUNDAE‘ This young entrepreneur has amassed his hospitality experience working with his dad and been given family support and backing to go it alone! This is the quote I have been given about the café ” SUNDAE is coming soon to Brockley Road! An independent family run business serving all the sweet treats your heart could desire. From ice cream sundaes ,crepes, waffles and milkshakes made from your favourite sweetshop classics. We will also be serving cake, coffee, smoothies (for those after a healthier treat) and a daily selection of fresh sandwiches and savoury treats. There will also be plenty of vegan options. All at an affordable price! The space is fully accessible for wheelchair and pram users and unlike anything we’ve seen in Brockley before-we hope to see you soon! Follow our Instagram for updates @sundaedesserts & remember #EverydayIsSundae ”

I think you will agree it all sounds great and this large space has been opened up to create seating for 35 people with take away also available. The back area has comfy sofa seating and it is hoped to be able to open up onto the pavement in the near future. The really good news is that it will be open in the evenings so you will be able to pop in for after dinner dessert. If you have followed my ramblings over the years you will know that I have for a long time wished that there were more night time quality independent businesses in the area I call ‘Midtown Brockley’ However with this new addition and L’Oculto‘ earlier in the year plus of course Brickfields over 2 years ago and not forgetting the amazing ‘Brockley’s Rock‘ it really is FINALLY happening! Please pop in and visit SUNDAE when it opens and SUPPORT!! I guarantee the Barboras family will give you a very warm and friendly welcome.

Remember #EverydayIsSundae – I LOVE the slogan

Well this is the shortest blog I think I have ever done so this is the way I may go in the next few months with information on a specific business or area.

SHOP/USE/EAT/DRINK LOCAL – Use them or Lose them!

See you soon

Jane x