Updated Neighbourhood Plan

Updated Neighbourhood Plan

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The Updated Neighbourhood Plan (Jul 2017 Version)

Following on from the Draft Plan consultation, the Neighbourhood Plan has been updated. This hopefully now constitutes the final wording that will be submitted to the Council, once we have confirmed with everyone that you are happy with this pre-submission version of the plan.

Next Steps:

1. Please read the updated plan: The document can be found following the link here, along with a tracked change version to help you see where the changes have been made.

2. Accompanying the updated Plan, is a draft Consultation Statement, which lists the outcomes of past engagement events as well as details the comments made on the Draft Plan and how they were addressed. A summary of the key changes can be found by following the link here.

3. Please visit the online survey to tell us if you are now happy with all the key changes.

4.The work on policy ‘BE3: Areas of Special Local Character’ is continuing. This is because further evidence has come through via a Heritage and Character assessment undertaken by AECOM via technical support (awaiting final document to be sent through) and a study putting forward nine different areas by a local historian. We want to give you the opportunity to review these.

  • Please read the summary document proposing the nine different areas to those described in the Draft Plan October 2016 version.
  • Please visit the Stickyworld portal to give us your comments. We invite you to consider these and/or put forward other streets/collection of streets which possess sufficient architectural, townscape and environmental quality to make them of significant local value to be designated as “areas of special local character”.

Deadline for feedback on above is 18th August 2017.