Key Issues Survey

Key Issues Survey

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Key Issues Survey

In December 2014 we launched the “key issues survey” to find out what the high level issues and priorities of the neighbourhood are. We asked you what you liked, what you disliked and what things could improve. We received responses from 43 people (36 online and 7 by post). The survey closed March 31st 2015.



Approximately 0.03% of the resident population (43 in total) responded to the survey. Whilst this is not a high proportion of the resident population, it gives a starting point documenting the typical issues people are concerned about in the area. More information about the profile of respondents be found in the detailed response statistics.


Survey Results

The key issues are summarised in the High Level Key Issues Findings.

Word cloud highlighting what people said they liked about the area


Word cloud highlighting what people said they didn’t like about the area
Top 3 Issues people said should be prioritised and addressed by the Neighbourhood Plan