AGM Meeting Minutes – 28th Jan 2015

AGM Meeting Minutes – 28th Jan 2015

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Agenda Item 1: Welcome

  • 19 attendees came to the Annual General Meeting.

Agenda Item 2: Update on Neighbourhood Plan Progress

  • An update was given on the progress so far:
  1.  Launch event took place on 5th November and ideas were captured around what the key issues are in the area.
  2. An online key issues survey was also launched following the Launch Event:
  3. An ideas map was put up  in the local library and already ideas and contributions from local residents have started to be populated.
  • A summary of the responses from the survey was communicated; the results showed how the total population of the area was not really representative, and a discussion was had around other ways of engaging with local community. Everyone was encouraged to spread the word about the survey.
  •  Ackroyd Community centre put in a bid for a community development officer. This was seen as positive and will move forward on engaging wider community.
  • The plan timeline was also presented and a discussion on the engagement strategy resulted in a number of actions to arrange community gatherings over the coming months to ensure a wider participation  and contribution to ideas about the plan.

Agenda Item 3: Roles and Responsibilities

  •  A number of roles need to be assumed if the work of the forum is to be successful. The types of roles that are needed are as follows. Volunteer time is limited and not really seen as a sustainable way of managing the process, and whilst some said they can help on parts, no one could dedicate time to assume a role; this remains the foum’s main challenge over the coming months.

a.       Social Media Coordinator – Responsibility to keep FB, Twitter and up to date with latest news

b.      Communications and Marketing – To prepare any summary comms or newsletters; liaise with any of the local publishing rags or websites. Help keep the Stakeholder Register up to date.

c.       Events Administrator(s) – To help find and book venues for upcoming events

d.      Events Planner – To help design and arrange upcoming events

e.      Plan Development (Evidence Analysis, Planners, Urban Designers, Architects and Strategy Writers – Need several to help design and write up the plan or this is the work that will need to be tendered for consultants, which means someone will need to write a brief.

f.        General Administration and help – For administrative duties such as newsletter drops or facilitating at events.

1.       Fundraiser – helps to find sources of funding, manages submissions and finds helpers to write funding bids

Agenda Item 4: Funding

  • The forum applied and got some Technical Support time from the Locality fund. The forum had missed the deadline for the grant fund and will apply again in April 2015. Forum to think about where we need expert input and advise technical support team
  • The funding application for the Ackroyed Community Development Officer seen as a positive step also.


  • Online communication was seen as quite important and the need for a website to be a “hub” of information dissemination. Discussion around was had and how a section to address the design so that it can accommodate the type of information to be communicated.

Actions Arising:

  • Meet with Community Connections around an event
  • Follow up discussion around for a redesign to address the forum’s requirements
  • Arrange a business engagement event. Target date is 25th of March.
  • Aim to have an event during the Brockley Max Festival and the Blythe Hill Festival.