Map Your Ideas!

Map Your Ideas!

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Ideas Map At Crofton Park Library

We want to hear your views about your Neighbourhood. We’d like to find out how we can together develop and shape a better Neighbourhood. We will use your ideas to develop a Local Neighbourhood Plan which we will present to Lewisham Council. To help us towards this, we have put up an Ideas Map at Crofton Park Library. Please visit at Map Your Ideas!


How Do I Include An Idea On The Map?

Please place one of the stickers on the map to tell us what you like, dislike and what you you like to see changed.

  • RED Stickers – Point out areas you dislike or feel threatened by
  • GREEN Stickers – Point our areas you love and feel are a true asset to our Neighbourhood
  • BLUE Stickers – Point our areas you feel need to change and give us an idea on how it can change


  1. Choose your colour
  2. Number & initial your sticker
  3. Place it at the location on the map you want to talk about
  4. Write your number and initials on the post-it and tell us your idea
  5. If you’d like to discuss, include your contact details also

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